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Islamic Hijri Calendar For Rabi al-thani - 1416 Hijri

Western Date Day of Week Hijri Date
27-Aug-1995 Sunday 1-Rabi al-thani-1416
28-Aug-1995 Monday 2-Rabi al-thani-1416
29-Aug-1995 Tuesday 3-Rabi al-thani-1416
30-Aug-1995 Wednesday 4-Rabi al-thani-1416
31-Aug-1995 Thursday 5-Rabi al-thani-1416
1-Sep-1995 Friday 6-Rabi al-thani-1416
2-Sep-1995 Saturday 7-Rabi al-thani-1416
3-Sep-1995 Sunday 8-Rabi al-thani-1416
4-Sep-1995 Monday 9-Rabi al-thani-1416
5-Sep-1995 Tuesday 10-Rabi al-thani-1416
6-Sep-1995 Wednesday 11-Rabi al-thani-1416
7-Sep-1995 Thursday 12-Rabi al-thani-1416
8-Sep-1995 Friday 13-Rabi al-thani-1416
9-Sep-1995 Saturday 14-Rabi al-thani-1416
10-Sep-1995 Sunday 15-Rabi al-thani-1416
11-Sep-1995 Monday 16-Rabi al-thani-1416
12-Sep-1995 Tuesday 17-Rabi al-thani-1416
13-Sep-1995 Wednesday 18-Rabi al-thani-1416
14-Sep-1995 Thursday 19-Rabi al-thani-1416
15-Sep-1995 Friday 20-Rabi al-thani-1416
16-Sep-1995 Saturday 21-Rabi al-thani-1416
17-Sep-1995 Sunday 22-Rabi al-thani-1416
18-Sep-1995 Monday 23-Rabi al-thani-1416
19-Sep-1995 Tuesday 24-Rabi al-thani-1416
20-Sep-1995 Wednesday 25-Rabi al-thani-1416
21-Sep-1995 Thursday 26-Rabi al-thani-1416
22-Sep-1995 Friday 27-Rabi al-thani-1416
23-Sep-1995 Saturday 28-Rabi al-thani-1416
24-Sep-1995 Sunday 29-Rabi al-thani-1416
25-Sep-1995 Monday 30-Rabi al-thani-1416
Crescent Visibility Calculation:

Start of month

New Moon
1995-08-26 07:32:05 +03:00
Sun-set at Mecca
1995-08-26 18:42:47 +03:00
Age at sunset
Visible if age >= 9 Hrs
First day of month

End of month

New Moon
1995-09-24 19:55:53 +03:00
Sun-set at Mecca
1995-09-24 18:15:42 +03:00
Age at sunset
-1:40 Hrs
Visible if age >= 9 Hrs
Not Visible
First day of month

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